Our projects include installation of efficient:

  • HVAC systems

  • Building Automation Systems

  • Efficient Lighting Solutions

  • Integrated Security Systems

  • Alternative Energy Solutions (Solar, Wind and Geothermal)


Syntergy excels at developing "maintenance-friendly" solutions that allow managers to take ownership of their facility and control operating expenses. Our customized solutions work because we take time to understand our client's business, the capabilities of their staff, and the future needs of their facilities

Solution Implementation

Our Energy Savings Program was developed to improve facility and/or process performance without any up-front investment from our client.  The focus of this program is to convert unnecessary operational expenses into net operating income using a shared savings model that provides performance-based incentives. As your energy partner, Syntergy will take full advantage of all applicable Energy Rebate Programs and technologies, regardless of sponsor or manufacturer.We will develop “maintenance-friendly” solutions that reduce your dependency on outside contractors. 

Energy Savings 


 Syntergy can alleviate the burden of managing select systems within your facility while obtaining the specialized expertise needed to yield higher operational savings. As Syntergy becomes your long-term partner, we can easily match your building’s needs with new innovative technology and proven industry practices to continue reducing your operational costs.

These Services include:

  • Professional Facility Management

  • Engineering and Design

  • Implementation of Alternative Energy Solutions: (Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Co-Generation CHP)

  • Contract and Project Management

  • Energy Management and Consultation

  • HVAC, BAS, & Security System Support

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • Facility O&M Assistance

  • Rebate and Financing Assistance

Facility Services


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Syntergy  is focused on building long-term relationships and delivering results that produce net operating income for your organization. In over a decade of working with industrial, commercial, institutional and manufacturing customers, we have adopted a core of shared values that form a foundation for a prosperous long-term business relationship.

We utilize our resources to take responsibility for the design, installation, commissioning, service, and even long-term operation of all the electrical and mechanical systems in a facility. Through this approach, we are able to deliver integrated technology systems, while providing for more efficient long-term operations.



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